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A World of Storytelling Radio

A World of Storytelling Radio

      I need a little company when I’m in the office for extended hours. I tune into “A World of Storytelling Radio”, you can too, just click here:


WHY?  It’s simple, we all need a story, a little something that speaks to our common humanity. You may tune in when a poignant love story is playing. It could be a dramatic WWII story on the air. Just now Brer Rabbit was out smarting Brer Bear and Brer Fox, that would have been perfect for the little ones to listen to. Then an edgy tale of a someone on the fringe of society, picked up and set on a new path by the weathered hands and words of an aged Apache woman in the desert.

The station is making a climb to the top. Since the station started each day the listeners come and listen and come back again. Listeners come from 114 countries around the world. As of  February 9, 2014 the station is number 19 in talk radio.

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