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Everwud Book Three Revolution

To the classroom teachers, homeschoolers, and afterschool programs, have I found a trilogy for you! It took me a while to get to book three, sorry I waited. This book was such a satisfying culmination of the children’s adventures in our world and the magical one next door. Book Three can easily stand alone, when read in their order there is a much deeper story. The characters are diverse and highlight the array of talents and interests of children. Then there are the bad guys! Here the author, Marilyn Diekmann has crafted a repulsive enemy that the children must rise up to defeat to restore the beauty of the world and regain their families separated through the prior power struggles. Go on a reading adventure with the families of Everwud.


A review of a previous book of the trilogy:

Rosa’s Voice Book Review

Rosa’s Voice by Barbara Connery  –  Book Review   Time to order books for your classroom. Don’t miss this empowering book! Barbara Connery has penned an important book for young people to read. The discovery of the power of public speaking and the confidence to represent yourself and bigger ideas is well portrayed in Barbara’s… Continue Reading

What’s Happening in Storytelling?

What’s Happening in Storytelling? Face-to-face, traditional storytelling is back. I couldn’t be happier. I have been so fortunate to return as a guest presenter to classrooms. One thing I share is multicultural awareness through world folktales and stories. The world has a rich wealth of stories. An example I love to share is a comparative… Continue Reading

Mike Lockett :Tales and Fables East Meets West

Mike Lockett :Tales and Fables East Meets West

  Another incredible collection of stories from Mike Lockett. Plenty  of time to down load this from CD Baby ( ) for a gift for the holidays or for the long car ride over the river and through the woods. Dr. Mike Lockett of Normal, Illinois is the Normal Storyteller Find info on where to see him… Continue Reading