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Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce – Reviewed

Review Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce and Other Unforgettable Norse Tales

By: Harriet Cole Illustrated by C.S. Fritz


I love Norse mythology, the tales of the Viking gods of Asgard are wonderful for reading and oral storytelling. Here is a very readable collection of stories perfect for storytellers and all those who enjoy a myth. This Norse myth collection is a good mix of their extensive lore. If you have never read Norse tales this is a good place to start.

I was particularly taken with the author’s ability to make the mythology an easy read for younger readers as well. It is important to pave the way for new generations of readers to discover the wealth of world mythology. In this collection, I loved The True Story of Thor’s Hammer and the lesson woven into the title story.

This was such a pleasant read, the stories stayed with me for days simmering in my mind. When was the last time you read a few Norse myths? Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce could be your next adventure in Asgard.

Mythology, what’s not to love?  Find t on Amazon at

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