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Book Review: The Soul Of A Horse By Joe Camp

Book Review: The Soul of a Horse       By: Joe Camp

There is a world of people “using” horses. Then there is Joe Camp who took the time to understand the horse and tell us how to build that relationship as well. This is not a ‘how to’ book, it is a rich story born of personal experience and influenced by deep research and time. Joe Camp dedicated his time to knowing and deeply understanding his horses through their eyes on the world. His approach to horse keeping is based on fundamentals of how they have survived through millennia and why our more recent styles of horse keeping are creating health issues for the horses we love. It is not a partnership until you listen to their side of the equation, to allow them to make choices. When we step away from chasing the ribbons and awards and pursue the ultimate relationship the horse and the rider both win.


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Review: Project Solomon

Book Review: Project Solomon By Jodi Stuber and Jennifer Marshall Bleakley   A poignant true story of an inspired partnership between Jodi Stuber and her horse Solomon has rippled across a broad community. What can rescue horses do for people who need rescue? Jodi answers that through her prayerful narrative of a life enriched through… Continue Reading

Review Slater Mountain – The Journey

Book Review: Slater Mountain – The Journey By Judy Ricketts-White   Judy writes Slater Mountain from her deep reservoir of equine and horsemanship knowledge. Each chapter is a full lesson in the communication between horses and humans. This technical wisdom is imparted through a believable and engaging family story of life on a horse farm… Continue Reading

100 Day Journey to Mustang Makeover

100 Day Journey to Mustang Makeover

100 days ago he was nothing, no… he was a bit of wind and plains trapped temporarily in horsehide. The BLM ( Bureau of Land Management) round up, brought him in and he was put with a shipment headed east to TN. There he ran through chutes and into the waiting  trailer of trainer Geoff… Continue Reading