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After You Read That Book


Did you just get a great book to enjoy on a cold winter night? Have you downloaded an E-book to read on the go? Earbuds in and listening to a great audiobook? Today we have so many ways to enjoy books. I sure wish I had some of these choices years back. For most we read the book, sigh when it’s finished and add it to the stack of finished or back in the bag to return to the library. For most readers you are missing a valuable step at the close of the book.

Did you enjoy that book? Have you read others by that author or plan to? Do you know someone who would enjoy it? There is a way you can have a part in the author’s process. It is not that complicated, it takes just a few minutes, and you will really make someone’s day – write a review.

Don’t PANIC! It isn’t that difficult. Yes, you can write a wordy piece that picks at segments, characters, or the construct of the book. An alternative is to just write why you loved it, what it reminded you of, how it made you feel. In a few minutes you can come up with a sentence or two or a page of review. The next thing is to post it. Share those words.

Sharing a review is the best thank you for the thousands of hours the author put into the writing of that book. Whether a big name author, or an indie writer, no author would turn down a heartfelt thank you and review.

Here are 3 things you can do with that one review!

  1. Post it to the books page on Amazon

Amazon uses an algorithm of reviews and stars to determine how often and who they show your book to as a suggested purchase. You can help the author get discovered! 10 reviews will not get a book noticed and shared. My guess is100 reviews breaks a threshold, from there the books begin to grow a readership.

  1. Post that same review over to Goodreads if you are a member of that book lovers’ social platform.
  2. Share the review on your usual social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, (BookTok) all will take a review to the reading public. Video content does well if you care to speak your review on these platforms. Use a photo of the book or you are reading to complete the package for posting to social.

So, what are you reading? What are you reviewing?

Authors thank you!