Book Review: Railroad Stories by Jim Kissane

Book Review: Railroad Stories by Jim Kissane

Review of:

The Story of Industrial America 1850’s – 1950’s Railroad Stories Vol. 1

By Jim Kissane


Railroad stories have drawn a faithful following of fans, but this volume breaks the barrier with its broad range of railroad-connected subjects. Ghostly tales, Christmas stories, coming of age, westward expansion, and farming all find a coupling with the trains that crisscross our nation. You can almost hear the click-clack of the wheels and the wheezing of the steam engine as you read through the pages.

I was delighted upon looking at the table of contents to see the stories, All Aboard the Milk Train and The Spirits of Tunnel 19, each of these connected in a personal way to our family experience and made a strong connection to the reading.

Jim brings an incredibly deep understanding of the railroad workings to his writing. He is able relay them in lay terms that grow a deeper understanding from the reader. The facts and descriptions are well woven into the fabric of the story as to make seamless the transitions from information to the storyline.

Published in 2022 this recent book should become a mainstay of every railroad museum gift shop and reside in the collection of every fan of railroading in America. The book includes a working glossary and bibliography for the avid railroad buff to pursue a more in-depth reading on the subjects.

Sprinkled throughout the book are photographs depicting settings and clarifying scenes for the reader. I highly recommend this book to the railroad fan and general readers as there is a little something for everyone within the pages.

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