Ekaterina; My Favorite Book This Year

I introduce you to the debut novel from Tom Brillat, Ekaterina. Knowing the author as a storyteller and museum interpreter I couldn’t wait to see where his muse would take readers. Within a few chapters, I began having images of a roller coaster in my mind as I settled for the night after reading. The clicking pull up the track paralleled the slow building of the character profiles and the setting in Russia. Paused at the apex of the track, I could look ahead to the sweeping tale the first chapters hinted at, all that lay ahead. With each evening’s reading, I was swept to the highest heights only to plummet into a gripping telling of a life-wrenching moment. There were unexpected twists and turns, dark foreboding war times, and sweet refuge. As I reached the closing chapters of the novel I felt the roller coaster slowing down, I didn’t want it to end.

Ekaterina is my favorite book of the year! It will be yours too, I highly recommend it to you!

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