Once Upon a Time…Sharing the Fire

Once Upon a Time…Sharing the Fire

Once upon a time that was really 2011, storytellers converged at the Lanes Sharing the Fire Conference. They were so excited to share a weekend of learning, swapping, meals, stories,  music, dancing and more….
The committee from Lanes stayed up way past their bedtime working to make everything just right! Hotel Security stayed up really late trying to figure out how storytellers were having so much fun! ( Like howling at a full moon close to midnight and watching “Willey Phinedit” skeedaddle like his inner 10 year old when he saw security coming)
Some moments were captured and and will be savored in another 30 years, some moments are sweet memories a few were side splitting funny, some tearful, many full of Healing!
Some found ancient treasures. This one dating back  to 1915, but it’s tales are much older.  I gave the token bid of $1.00 at the Silent Auction ( now one would think people who talk as much as storytellers wouldn’t want anything “Silent” !) to see this treasure came home to CT. You see  the magic in this volume is it was printed in Boston by the R.Stearns Publishing Co. ,( just has to be family,  they got off the boat there in 1630.)

Sharing the Fire 2011
It’s a doggone shame if you missed it!

Now if you are feeling all sad and dejected because it is over or you didn’t come, DON’T!

The good story fairies can save you!
Just  follow these  magical, easy, directions…..

Get out all your calendars……..

First circle or highlight or sprinkle fairy dust over April 29, 30 and May 1, 2011 for the CT. Storytelling Festival in
 New London, CT.  http://www.connstorycenter.org/
Word is there will be magic in the venue for anywhere storytellers gather magic is made!
Then sprinkle some of that fairy dust over the dates March 16-17-18, 2012
That is when Sharing the Fire moves to Albany, New York! Doesn’t this look like a place you might want your
 glass slippers?
( I highly doubt there will be a Ball at the Capitol, but you wouldn’t want to miss any of the late night swaps!)


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