Coping in Covid19 Times

Covid19 – Corona Virus Isolation

My heart feels gray. Seems a strange day, gray outside and a snowy start.  There is so much anxiety, stress and drama in the world. It is real and it permeates even the healthy with a pending sense of doom. When will the other shoe drop…

I am trying to stay upbeat. I’ve been doing yard and farm work daily. Clearing brush and raking my Daffodils out. The little sunny yellow face of the first Daffodil to open really cheered me. I planted them by the south foundation a long time ago for just such an occasion as this.

All of my storytelling work has been postponed or cancelled. The new reality is wait and see when we can re-book. It may be months. My regular job is in hiatus at least until April 1, 2020. I am sure that date will be re-evaluated as the course and projections of Covid19 become realities.

What to do? Here is my current list:

  • Reading daily. I have at least 2 books going and an audio-book downloaded from the library.
  • Editing my newest novel writing project “Core” an adult novel about generational transition on family farms.
  • Editing “Mystic Girl” my Middle Grade novel about a young girl, Morgan horses and Thor! Images and reading at
  • Writing a synopsis and editing a query for “How Far is Safe? A middle grade novel about an abused boy and donkey. Images that inspired this book project
  • Making query lists for each writing project. Some where out there is the right publisher for these projects.
  • I plan to start a new short story Looking for writing helps? Try these suggestions:
  • I am contacting an old friend each day
  • I am monitoring social media for our farm and myself – it is a a double-edged sword!
  • I am procrastinating housework as it will be there and NO ONE is coming over!
  • I’m cooking good healthy meals for my husband and I
  • I’m clearing our walls of brush
  • I am washing my hands to the point of dry skin and lotion follows again, and again, and……..
  • I’m updating activities and crafts on my Pinterest boards so people can find things to keep their kids busy. Here is the link:
  • I am updating my website to reflect all the changes, sigh!


Keep healthy my friends and followers! I’ll be posting on a more frequent basis making use the time allotted.

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