I’ve Been In-Spired!

I’ve Been In-Spired!

I don’t know what started me taking pictures of churches but I like to. I love the different styles and the incredible architecture. I can imagine what the architect was trying to say with each design. Our town has many different churches large and small they are all unique. Not all have spires but I do like to capture a spire in the sky. This is just a photo collection of some beautiful churches. Some of these churches are from stories I tell, some I visited, some just in passing and one I sing in every Sunday. Enjoy the peace they emanate and “in- spiration”. Old South Church – Boston a picture in contrast

Park St. Church -Boston steeple of tiers

Mini- First Church – Mansfield,Ct. celebrating 300 years of Faith in Action

Lebanon Green Church Ct. Revolutionaries to today

First Church Mansfield Center, Ct , home

Norlands, Maine as Maine always is

General Theological Seminary New York City, like slipping back in time

Church of the Intercession New York City statley, dominant, peaceful, European flavor

Thompson, Ct. Congregational Church, a quiet corner gem!

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