James Henry: media darling; Learning at 98

Too Old To Learn? NEVER!

James Henry: media darling featured in People, on CNN – The Westerly Sun: Metertest: MYSTIC — James Arruda Henry’s rapid rise from humble lobster-boat captain to literary star has been tiring, said his granddaughter Marlisa McL…

If this 98 year old lobster fisherman can learn to read and write in his 90’s in order to publish his life story… well think of the opportunities we all have to embrace new learning. I’m a spring chicken next to James Henry!

I’ve learned more in the last 5 years as a storyteller than I have in my whole life! I’ve embraced the web technology and although I don’t ( and who does?) know it all, I am confortable in what I know and willing to share. Really I just want to share my excitement in learning. I have a Web Presence Seminar in Albany, NY March 16 sign up at www.lanes.org for the pre-conference seminar. I needed the Web Presence so everyone in the storytelling world and beyond could get to know who I am and where I’m going with my dream career.

I’ve learned so many stories and am always on the lookout for more. I have taught myself to play harmonica, and am working on a couple other instruments and improving my voice for singing. I’m learning , learning makes me feel young and vibrantly alive. James Henry, Bravo for making me pause to think about it, you are my new hero!

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