Jorgensen Presents The Aluminum Show :  A Review

Jorgensen Presents The Aluminum Show : A Review

 May 18, 2011 The Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts on the campus if the University of Connecticut presented the first night of … 
The Aluminum  Show, an electric performance of music, and dance. The interactive performance was a feast for the eyes and the ears. ( for ticket info and other shows) The vibrant intensity of the show was magical.  I saw the same look of delight on children and adults. There was a palpable  tension as the  show crept off the stage and invaded the audience which responded with laughter. One of the most stunning moments was the realization that an aluminum tube could evoke feelings and emotions.

 This talented troupe of dancers, actors, puppet masters and robotics engineers together told a story with no language, charged it with sound ,color, light and music, and acted out with the use of large pieces of recycled construction Aluminum. From the moment the stage curtain was gobbled up until the last piece of shiny confetti landed on the floor I was entranced!


At one point the little “slinky” character was lost in the audience. A boy lifted him to a troupe member with ” I believe this is yours”, his smile said it all, he was loving it!  Another audience member played a roll when the flashlight beam fell on him, he was chosen and  soon was encased in foil and worshipped like a false idol, and then…. no I won’t tell that part. You will have to go see that for yourself.

                                       Slinky meets a young audience member after the show!

The show grew with more fantastic stunts and gymnastic type dance movements as the performance reached its crescendo.  Larger than life Aluminum characters played their role. to make the whole experience feel huge!  Several times the stage reached a climax and I thought it was over only to have the music and lights flash and we were swept into a new scene.

There was so much creativity in the design, choreography, lighting, sound and humor of the script to make this a pure pleasure!  I urge you to see the Aluminum Show! Brilliantly Done!

Audience members enjoy meeting the cast after the show!


You can find the Aluminum Show on Face Book stop by and see where they go next.


You can book The Aluminum Show by contacting:
Columbia Artists Management,LLC
1790 Broadway
NY, NY 10019

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