March Roars In

March came roaring in like a lion last night. I lay in bed listeneing to the roar. I could hear trees crackle and barn doors creak in the fierce wind and thought about all the animals out in the barn listeneing. It must seem even louder to them. There is a certain comfort in knowing they have warm dry stalls and hay to eat, buckets of water and a roof over their head. We should all be so fortunate. The economic crisis will lead to more and more animals being left abandoned or malnourished. I dont know who will take in these refugees of hard times. The animals are innocent victims and have no voice.
Today the storytellers email list is writing about lay offs on Sesame Street and while the fact is behind the scenes workers will get the axe, it is the tongue in cheek comments about Oscar, Kermit and Elmo that are keeping us laughing, laughter hiding the fear it could be one of our jobs next. Where are people going to turn as times get harder. I fear the Yellow Brick Road has many scary detours and we all have that journey to make. Let’s remember while we go down the road others are in a worse place and we have to do what we can to ease the burden. Take in the animal temporarily, give up small luxeries, grow the Victory garden, tighten the belts and all the while remember to share laughter. So if you see Kermit on the side of the road thumbing or holding the “will work for flies” sign, pick him up please. If you open the waste bin and find Oscar in residence understand he lived in the high rent district and your bin is downsizing for him. Please give Elmo a place to rest, he has worked tirelessly to make people laugh and it is a grim task ahead to be tickled a million times in order to turn the National Frown upside down!

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