Mike Lockett :Tales and Fables East Meets West

Mike Lockett :Tales and Fables East Meets West

Another incredible collection of stories from Mike Lockett. Plenty  of time to down load this from CD Baby ( www.cdbaby.com ) for a gift for the holidays or for the long car ride over the river and through the woods.
Dr. Mike Lockett of Normal, Illinois is the Normal Storyteller
Find info on where to see him perform on his website www.mikelockett.com  
I used the download from CDBaby to bring all sorts of animals and wonderful stories into the living room. This collection is sure to be a hit with the kids and excellent as a classroom addition. A few moments of music ease us from one story to another and we hop around the world  hearing tales from a wide variety of cultures. The ox and frog, the hare are accompanied by all their friends on this journey. 
 Log in to CD Baby today to download your Mike Lockett adventure in storytelling.
A search of “storytelling” on CD Baby will lead you to a whole world of stories from many different tellers. Be sure to look around while shopping in there!
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  1. Dear Carol – I am writing you from Taiwan to thank you for the kind words about my CD. What a joy to check one’s email in a country half way aroubd the world and see that your work is being enjoyed by others back in the states. Thank you for plugging the work of other tellers as well. You are right about the CD Baby connection. They are friendly to artists and good at distributing albums.

    I have programs today at a K-9 school in tropical Kaohsiung – pronounced gow shung – 2 shows about 75 minutes each – and a radio interview as well.

    Tonight – I head for Hsinchu – sounds like a sneeze when you pronounce it. I have a school program in the AM tomorrow and a 2.5 hour teacher workshop in the afternoon.

    The people here are so very welcoming. I am so lucky to be here. Next week I learn more about my three new books that will be released here in Taiwan.

    My best to you in the USA – still would like to ride your horses with you if I can get over your way… Mike Lockett

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