Review of The Stargleamer

Book Review The Stargleamer  by James Omar Hansen


The Stargleamer is a perfect read-aloud to accompany your family’s Christmas traditions. There is enough shadow to keep the reader or listener attentive and curious, enough gleam to put a sparkle in a child’s eye. There is a Dickens-type journey meeting characters of the holiday and another, darker world. The little Stargleamer travels across the sky to Earth after losing her gleamer. Her search for the precious light is a journey of enlightenment of who she is. Her strong focus on going home blinds her to the real purpose of the journey and its lessons. This is a positive read with important lessons not just of the season but in life embedded in the fast-paced action of her journey.

The author wrote this for a daughter. It will speak to all other children and adults who are learning who they are and seeking the light that defines them in the world. I look forward to sharing this book with my grandchildren.

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