Whale of a Tail, or is it Tale?

Whale of a Tail, or is it Tale?

The Whale Tail Fountain in New London, CT.

New London was first a colonial port city with the river and harbor deep and safe from storms. The fishing in the area was abundant and the forest provided wood for an early shipbuilding  business. Later in New London history came the whaling industry the  third largest fleet of whalers called New London their home port. Along came the trains that run along side the dock and off into the vast network of  rails across our nation and the city became a shipping port. It was also a refuge from the summer heat and illness of New York City with a thriving hotel business at the waterfront to service those  who came to the town for relief.

Today New London, CT. is a mixture of past and present. It is still a transportation hub as ferry boats come and go to the islands on regular schedules, their huge horns blasting a signal as the slip away from the docks. The trains come and go with constant regularity, freight, passenger and high speed sliding along the platforms at the historic Union Station. Taxis and buses are lined up waiting for fares to distant locations. Walkers stroll the shops and store fronts and a noon-day traffic to the restaurants is plentiful.

Historic sites are well marked and an easy walk from the fountains central port side location. New London is a city rich in heritage and modern amenities just waiting for your next visit.

In preparation you may want to learn a few whale tales to share near the whale tail!

Whales are a part of teaching in many schools here is a teacher resource site with a whale tale:




This is a great story resource for the teller of tail tales:




The United States Coast Guard Academy is in New London, CT. ( just across the street and from the Connecticut Storytelling Center,

( www.connstorycenter.org )

Here is a true story and coloring book of Inky the Whale they provide as an educational tool:




You can try one of those types of Whaling ships from days gone by with a tour on the Mystic Whaler, it is on my list of things I want to do!




What a day-cation!

I have a couple favorite stories from the whaling era of American History, catch me at one of my events  to hear a Whale of a Tale!




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