Won’t Be Caught Speeding

Won’t Be Caught Speeding

My husband had a tire blowout the other day, ripped a gaping smile shape into the thick black rubber tire. My son, a mechanical minded young man set to the task of changing out the tire for a new one.

It quickly became apparent that the axles were a different diameter. My husband said it was ok with him if the new axle was a little smaller. Proud to say my son thought the wiggle and play in the tire with an ill fitting part were a bad combo.

My husband quickly replied he never takes it over 30 mph, it would do.

On the road again with the newly installed tire and a safety device my son added. Just because we’re farming doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, even under 30 mph.

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  1. I agree. Living in a farm isn’t any less enjoyable than urban living. 😀 Anyway, I think it’s very timely that I read your post ‘cos my husband and son will be changing our tires later. I actually overheard my spouse saying something like the nuts should be tightened in a diagonal pattern as a pre-actual reminder. I think it’s nice of our youngsters to be helping out, right? 🙂 It’s just that your son’s axle did fall short. You can’t charge that against him. 😀

  2. Remember that in changing a tire, there are specific tools that you need to use in order to successfully change it. If you try to use a tool that is inappropriate for your tire, you will find it difficult to loosen the nuts in your wheels, which could make matters worse.

  3. Beyond the tire the speedometer was a fun way to make the morning work so along. This maybe the only wheelbarrow with a speedometer. Not that the device makes cleaning stalls any faster!

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