You Write Story Needs  an Ending

You Write Story Needs an Ending

So it appears that no one wants to commit to finish the spooky story, are you so scared of the flea eater or the talking gargoyle door knocker? Maybe you ate to much candy and needed a day off from things.
I told what we have last night at VoiceMail but as I had a lot on my mind left out one of the best parts so rather than air the err, I am asking for some input to finish the  spooky tale so we can do it up right and then I will tape it with some practice.

As a suggestion you can use the photos in this blog as ideas for the storyline. You can read the whole thing in the post from Oct 29  ( blogger having an issue with the link sorry, just go to October listings in the right sidebar and click on October it is the post on 10/29)

This is such a fun project and I never could have predicted the  way the story has grown. Hope you have some more fun with  it.                                  

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