Young Voices; Narrative to Grow With

Young Voices; Narrative to Grow With

Young Voices

Young voices have stories

Young voices engaging issues with story

We need to bring more young people to the power of storytelling and the ways in which it will transform their world to a narrative they can share, learn from and grow with!

see what wikipedia says about Narrative:

In Connecticut it is happening with  Campus Slammer a program of the Connecticut Storytelling Center  Campus Slammer is an intercollegiate competition in story slams, five minute personal narrative stories shared for scores and prizes!


Mass Mouth Inc. has narrative story happening in the greater Boston area.  Story Slams for adults and youth are scheduled regularly. Programs within the high schools are reaching young people where they are and giving them the tools to share their story. Check out the fresh faces of story in this StoriesLive® clip!

Youth Voice is defined and discussed in Wikipedia :

There is a National Movement as well led by the  Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance / YES  contact them and read more at:


Faces of  Youth in CT. Sharing Stories

 Join the fresh faces of storytelling in 2012
Contact Connecticut Storytelling Center to get your College in Connecticut involved in Campus Slammer 2012
Got Narrative?
Past blog on Campus Slammer:

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