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Utah Wild Mustang in Connecticut

Utah Wild Mustang in Connecticut

It is a long way from the wild horse ranges of Utah to a small paddock in Connecticut. The journey made by Mustang 4838 via Blaine TN. is the first steps on  the road to becoming an equine partner and friend. The small bay with a star knew only the caress of a Utah wind, but now accepts those gentle gifts from trainer Geoff Goodson. It is only day one! 

 Link to info on Utah herds:

Chutes lead to Geoff’s trailer at the Blaine TN. farm where the particpants in the 100 Day Extreme
Mustang Makeover meet and pick up their Mustang.

From these first moments to a finished product at Clemson S. Carolina on October 19-21. There Lil Joe will be for sale, and another Wild  Mustang becomes  a treasured companion  and  living legacy of our American West.

Hello Lil’ Joe the Wrangler welcome to Connecticut and the first day of the rest of your life. Some good hay will help fill out that youthful frame and a good start from Geoff Goodson Horsemanship will have you  well on your way to a forever home.
Follow daily postings on the adventures of Lil Joe at Geoff’s Facebook page:!/doublegfarrier

Geoff’s new Website debut on 6/25/12 at

Here is a link to the provious blog in the Mustang series:

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