Review Slater Mountain – The Journey

Book Review: Slater Mountain – The Journey

By Judy Ricketts-White


Judy writes Slater Mountain from her deep reservoir of equine and horsemanship knowledge. Each chapter is a full lesson in the communication between horses and humans. This technical wisdom is imparted through a believable and engaging family story of life on a horse farm on a distant mountain. The main character Bailey Mathews is thrust into a rescue mission with her Mustang, Nugget, the trial proves her maturity and capability in a rustic world fraught with the everyday dangers of rugged ranch life. A sweet spot of hope when emergency strikes is the handsome Noah who comes to her aid. Their meeting kindles a few sparks of teen romance with the boy from the far side of the mountain.

If you are an avid equestrian hoping to learn better communication with your horse then Slater Mountain – The Journey, book one of the series imparts a wealth of knowledge for you.

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