Review: Project Solomon

Book Review: Project Solomon

By Jodi Stuber and Jennifer Marshall Bleakley


A poignant true story of an inspired partnership between Jodi Stuber and her horse Solomon has rippled across a broad community. What can rescue horses do for people who need rescue? Jodi answers that through her prayerful narrative of a life enriched through deep relationships with horses. Can a battered horse help a man who suffers PTSD from military duty, under the direction of Jodi and her HopeWell Center the answer is yes! The book covers an expanse of years and closes with photos that capture the spirit of HopeWell along with some of its most prominent characters and clients. Jodi was not in this alone, she built an expansive community of client families, volunteers, paid help, and her own family. If you struggle there is something here for you. If you have moments of despair there is something in the horses for you. If you love horses there is something we know and understand for you here. I highly recommend this journey of prayers answered with horses.

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