Book Review Everwud The Tree, The Boy & The Dog

Everwud The Tree, The Boy & The Dog  by Marilyn Dieckmann a Review

I’ve been enchanted. The potion was made of simple ingredients, paper, ink and the imagination of a gifted author. I was quickly drawn into this first book of a series and swept away to the town of Sycamore on the edge of Everwud. If you were a fan of Harry Potter or a reader of Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer then Everwud is for you. I am now anxious to read the rest of this series. These are nice short summer reading choices, light entertainment for an adult and pure magic to a child reader.

In my travels around town this week I have seen glimpses of Everwud a sunbathed river, a great tree, a winding path in the forest. I put the book down, but the story travelled with me. I love a book that stays with you and immerses you in the adventure. I recommend the well written Everwud by word mage Marilyn Dieckmann.

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