Planning My Book Launch Party and Week

Planning My Book Launch Party and Week

          My debut novel How Far is Safe? will be out soon! Very soon, so close I get butterflies when I begin to think of seeing it. I want to kick it off with a great event to celebrate my book and create an online buzz of excitement. This week I recorded a video clip of the book’s cover art revealed. Last week it was a preview of a portion of the cover. So here is that cover art.


First let me tell you, How Far is Safe? is a book for age 8- adult. This historical fiction work is about a boy and his beloved donkey. They live in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1890. Conditions at the farm they live on are bad. When they are abused the boy promises donkey to never let it happen again. That sets them on a road of self-discovery.

Here is a look at one of the invite posters for the book launch event:


I wrote this book in response to all the donkeys I have come to know that have come to rescue homes. Later I meet them at one of the donkey shows I announce at, and learn their unique story.


My launch party is being held at the new Donkey and Eeyore Museum at 162 Cannon Drive Hebron, CT August 14, 2021 from 1-4pm. What better place could I have found? This is perfect, guests will meet real donkeys, learn about rescue, and have a chance to purchase my book and get it signed.


One day is not a marketing plan for my book baby. I have planned launch week. After the launch event day Aug.14 we move into launch week. I have booked a program at Mansfield Public Library (the town I live in) Aug 19at 6:30 p.m.  and have scheduled a Saturday book signing at G.M. Thompson’s & Sons Feed Store Rte 44 Mansfield Depot on Aug 21 10-2. I am hoping to record and post some reaction videos and of course lots of photos all week.

Do you have somewhere I can share my book adventure? A shop, an event, a classroom? All work for an author visit and or book signing.


What can you do? When you read a book – go onto the Amazon page and leave a review. The success of a book depends on how good it is and also on ow many people write a review. The more reviews, then Amazon will show the book as a suggestion to more people. Thanks!

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