Ever since Chevy Chase delighted viewers with the squirrel scene in “Christmas Vacation” I’ve become interested in the antics of our aerial neighbors. They are often at war with the owners of bird feeders with an economic recovery quite possible through the sales of squirrel proofing devices. The flip side of that are the people who are supplying the little beggers with dining facilities complete with table, chairs and an ear of dried corn. Some people have gone to extremes and created complicated adventure parks for the squirrels that visit their feeding station.
    Yesterday I was visiting Old Sturbridge Village   when we met a well fed squirrel outside the cafeteria. He has few threats in his existence, no dogs or cats, only night security cars and school groups. Of course it is the spills of these thousands of guests that make being a museum squirrel a good deal!

I have never seen such a happy and rotund squirrel and it is still able to run up and down trees with agility!

I was introduced to the personalities of wildlife through the writings of Thornton W. Burgess, beginning with the Adventures of Whitefoot Woodmouse.
   Burgess wrote many books including a collection of Mother West Wind Tales and many personal tales of animals we all mingle with on a regular basis. The Sandwich Ma. resident was born there in 1874 and lived until 1965. His many books and wildlife friends are celebrated at the  Thorton W. Burgess Society, 6 Discovery Hill Rd. E. Sandwich , MA. 02537 508-888-6870. Find out more about what the Society has to share at its nature preserve, center and library

I think this little guy is mad I have yet to mention that you can download many of these great books from this site:

When the mac and cheese my grand – daughter spilled is all gone I’m sure our squirrel friend is….
                                                             outta here!



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