Countdown to Mystic Girl

Countdown to Mystic Girl – Final Phase


Files are uploaded and proof copies ordered. The paperback editions of Mystic Girl will be coming soon. This is the exciting part of publishing a book. It feels as good as the day I write the last sentence in a manuscript! This is just as nerve-wracking as I need the books here to have my launch event, but one must begin planning that event before the book is done. It’s a balancing act that has many pieces and timings to fulfill. Very soon I will be holding the very first copy of Mystic Girl in my hand, I will share that moment on social media!

My book How Far is Safe? was a book from my heart. Mystic Girl is a book from my inspiration. This story is a swirl of my creativity and the many seeds of inspiration that were planted. I can’t wait for you to see it.


I will be on the radio at 1400 am with Wayne Norman and Judy Stoughton, Mansfield Children’s Librarian. Wake up or commute with us on March 7 at 7:40 if you are in the eastern CT listening area. We will be talking about the book Mystic Girl and the launch event on March 12. We also will talk about the Feathered Quill Book Award won by my book How Far is Safe?


Upcoming is my book launch event or party, to be held Saturday, March 12 at Mansfield Public Library from 2-4. What’s happening then? I will be storytelling a Norse tale from their wild mythology. The mythology plays an integral part in Mystic Girl. I will read a few short selections from the book to whet readers’ appetite for reading it. After that, I will give instructions on how to play the Viking chess-like game Hnefatafl.


There will be a make your own Hnefatafl game station. Each family will be able to take home a starter Hnefatafl set. Following the Hnefatafl instructions, there will be an open Hnefatafl tournament. The overall winner will get a free copy of Mystic Girl!


Two other things will be available at the launch event. Take your photo with a pair of Valkyrie wings behind you! Gaia (Guy-uh) rides Morgan horses trying to earn her Valkyrie wings. Gaia leans the equine sport of vaulting. Watch video clips of vaulters and this amazing sport of gymnastics on horseback.


While tournament play goes on I will be available for book signings. Kids, if you plan to use Mystic Girl for a school project or book report be sure to ask for a photo with the author to include.

Tick, Tick, Tick…. Mystic Girl is coming!

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