Writer’s Journey

I’m on a writer’s journey and the view is fine! I walked a road with little to no recognition of the writer’s landscape. Finally, I am cresting the first hill. I have published my first book! That book was written part by hand in a notebook and finished on a laptop after I typed in the first thirty thousand words. The night I finished it I worked very late. I was so close I just had to keep going. I knew the next day would be payback in getting through work tired. It was worth the lack of sleep! There is a euphoric feeling much like a runner might experience after a marathon. I was high on a sense of accomplishment. Of course, that book needed so many rounds of editing to become the finished work. Proofing became another stumbling block. The mind sees what it wants there. My journey compares to walking the Appalachian Trail. There are miles to go but every now and then a vista appears, the troubles incurred are paid for in those moments of the glorious view.

My book launch for How Far is Safe? was one such peak. Despite Covid complications and worries I pulled off an in-person book launch in a donkey barn with an attached museum and grounds so everyone could be spread out and there was lots of fresh air. That was such a happy day. I heard conversations by early readers discussing my characters as if they were among us. I had several supporters buy multiple books to give as gifts. That was such a nice day and I sure appreciate all the help I had in pulling it off!

I jumped right in to work on getting book two ready. This one had a convoluted beginning I was struggling with. My editor helped clear that path and get the story ironed out.  His suggestions helped me rewrite for about the tenth time that first few chapters. This was the equivalent of climbing a small mountain. I wasn’t sure what view I might see and when. I made plans and the timeline was moved so I trudged on through a much lengthier editing process. I have a date set for launch now and am on target to get that done. This weekend I pour over the final manuscript proof and then it can upload and order proof copies. One last go through and I will be ready to order books for the launch.

I am busy planning the finer details of my March 12, 2022 2-4 pm launch of Mystic Girl at Mansfield Library. The day will include reading, storytelling, and book signings. I am also offering a make and take station for families to make a Hnefatafl board game such as the one in the book. A tutorial will be offered on how to play, and I will host a tournament with a book as the prize. Sounds like a fun day and the auditorium space allows people the opportunity to spread out and be safe from Covid.

While all this final process and planning is taking place I had the pleasure of hearing that How Far is Safe? was a finalist in the Feathered Quill Book Awards. Sharing that news has been fun. I really have enjoyed the comments on my book and how much people enjoyed reading it.

Up one mountain, stop and enjoy the view then on to the next. I have more finished manuscripts and ideas for several more after that. Like the Appalachian Trail, this will be a long writer’s journey and I’m glad to have you along for company now and again.

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