Covered Bridge and My Book

Covered Bridge and My Book

            It’s Saturday and that means a dozen errands that added up over the week and eat in to writing and family time. I try to add some side adventure, curiosity or food stop to make the necessary more enjoyable.

Today we were off to get repair parts for the lawn mower – ho hum!. It turned out to be wonderful. I hadn’t driven to that town where the dealership is in about a year. As we were approaching I looked ahead on the side of the road and exclaimed, “Is that a covered bridge?” As we got closer, “It is a covered bridge – so cool!” We were on West Road in Ellington Connecticut. There are no covered bridges in the area. Wait, I need to correct that, there were not any in the area. Just before us was a stunning example of a covered bridge.


It just so happens I wrote a covered bridge into my forthcoming book, “How Far is Safe? Here is a passage from the book that is due out in the next month on Amazon. At this point in my story a boy and his donkey are walking at night.


“He scanned the road edge for a log to sit on, but he thought maybe the dark shape ahead could be the bridge. His pace quickened and Donkey trotted along to try to close the gap that widened between them. It was the bridge.                                      

        He stopped at the mouth of the shadow filled bridge. Anything could be hiding in those rafters that supported the roof. More than likely the only thing would be an owl. He stepped in and listened as Donkey’s hooves clip-clopped on wooden boards, resounding like a big horse. As they exited the far end, he could see a glow of light at a window and smoke curling out of the chimney.”

I just had to return and take a close-up look. After getting the much-needed parts we went to check it out. We pulled into The Barn Yard. They sell little barns, sheds, garages – every sort of outbuilding. We looked about then spoke with a salesman and then I went to the bridge. The smell of fresh cut wood spawned memories of my father’s woodshop that flashed into my mind. Owner Chris Skinner welcomed us to look around. He told us about their project of building the bridge.

This was the bridge in my book. I was so excited to see it in person when and where least expected! Look at these pictures and when you read How Far is Safe? later this summer you will know exactly what the boy walked through with donkey on that dark night.

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  1. Oh Carol how very awesome is that??!!!!
    I am so looking forward to reading this book! It won’t be long now!!!!
    Be blessed my friend! ♡♡♡

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