Lanes Stadium

Lanes Stadium

The seats are filled and the fans are spirited as the double header settles in to game two. Having gone extra innings to break a tie it will be interesting to see who has the staying power as the two teams return to the field of story with their lineup.

First up to bat and able to deliver a homerun is Karen Chace, she came up from the New Bedford Farm Team at the ArtWorks Gallery. Karen has been known to run amazing open mics, The Story Cafe, at the ArtWorks Gallery. Karen takes her stance and swings……. YES! On June 26, 2010 the Story Cafe features Naked hearts with Eshu Bumpus and Motoko Dworkin! , Now thats a home run ! Now there is a winning combination. So if you havent been to see one of these Story Cafe nights, what are you waiting for? The drive is pleasant, with a side trip through the maze they call Providence and soon enough back on track…recalculating… you arrive with plenty of time to meander the streets that were once home to an incredible whaling industry. Venture out early and stop by the Whaling museum or grab a bit of seafood!

Now back at the game the big screen flashing images of storytellers I see several who are planning to venture to the big league in L.A., a few warming up in the buill pen for the A-MAZE-ING Story Slam Sept 4 and a rookie building a campfire and inviting people into the backyard. This team Storyteller has such diversity and depth they are sure to show the staying power to take a double header and make it work their way.

Now the rookie comes to the plate. Look what she is delivering ; Nightsongs; a Open mic on Thursday May 27, 2010 at 7 p.m. Held at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 138 Snake Hill Rd in Coventry Ct. here is a likely triple play. There will be good food, good music and Storytelling with Carolyn Stearns as this months featured performer of the evening! The evening is sponsored by Song-A-Day Music Center in Coventry. Sign up for this event starts at 6:30 and the toe tapping music at 7. Just $4.00 gets you a seat and all you can hear! That money will be put to good work by the Knights group!

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