Stopping By a Leafy Wood

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Stopping by a Leafy Wood

By: Carolyn Stearns

“Our teacher read us a book by Robert Frost today. Do you think his brother’s name is Jack? My friend Alex raised his hand, ‘Can we get a frost-free book?’ Our teacher made an ugly face scrunching up her nose. She said all we had to do was listen. I thought I wouldn’t, but I did.  Now I’m sitting here on my bike and remembering what it was like after the big snowstorm last winter.

This road just rolls on and on, going no-where special. Dad says we live here because it’s a good place to raise kids. I guess because I can ride my bike and fish and stuff like that. There’s a girl with a horse up the road a way, but I don’t think she has a sleigh. Does anybody use them anymore? I’d like to try that, but I can’t tell Alex, he won’t get it.

What made Robert Frost write about a stopping by a snowy wood in the night. I don’t know who owns these woods or what wild creatures call them home. You won’t catch me stopping by this wood at night. Bears, just the thought makes me peddle home fast at sunset.


10 Responses to Stopping By a Leafy Wood

    • I’ve read that poem to children many times in after school. I think the inspiration came from back there somewhere.

    • Thanks for the comment, I think Frost’s poem reminds us to stop and appreciate. Even though the boy wouldn’t stop at night he did stop to contemplate the meaning.

  1. The thought of bears would make me pedal faster too! I might actually get a good workout in that way! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s incredible how much you pack into this authentic and relatable piece. The first-person POV is well-chosen, and the voice is so dynamic. I feel like I really know the narrator and have at least a sense of Alex, who sounds like a bit of cut-up. I appreciate the narrator’s reflections on two of Frost’s more famous poem, though the conclusions are a bit concrete and self-oriented. However, this kind of thinking might be expected from a middle grader. I hope the narrator keeps reading and continues paying attention in order to unearth those deeper meanings from life and art. I can totally see this as a MG novel!

    • Thank you for the kind words and encouragement to take this entry a little further. I enjoyed these characters in our brief acquaintance.

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