Why Will Facebook Timeline Help You

Why Will Facebook Timeline Help You

Tick Tick Tick, yes the clock is ticking  to  Feb. 10 when everyone will be changed over to  Facebook’s new Timeline style page.

 I can hear the cries of NOOOOO! already.

Wait, just stop a minute, is it really that hard to figure out a new way of doing things?

Was it hard to change from standard to automatic in cars?

Will the change leave you feeling totally exposed and unprepared, or free to explore and  gain new confidence?

You do have the option of deleting anything yo don’t want shown. You can adjust your privacy settings so only selected friends see certain things. Remember your boss, or the college you applied to may be looking at your page. What will they see? Who do you want them to get to know?

Take the time right now and delete the unwanted and prepare for the Facebook that reads like a Sunday paper full of color photos and video and  all the things and people you”like”.

Just like a birthday a gift coming to you on Feb. 10th. Be excited because it is shiny, new and exciting. All your friends will be there and you will find something in it you will be surprised to see – you  are the star! Just take a bit of time – you know you were going to sign on for hours anyway, now click your way around the new template. There is a lot there to love!

Make a page you love and you are proud to have the world see. Our social community that brings us together is just a few clicks away. Your new page will help you get back in touch, remember those not with you, support causes, and follow what’s new in your world.

The new Facebook will keep what is important to you close to the top of your page. The funny video that cheers you up on the worst day will be right there. The family pictures, well you can now watch the kids grow right before your eyes! You will have better contact with your friends and a more information at our fingertips. I know you are going to love it, like a brand new toy.

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