Duke Gardens Magic pt 2

Duke Gardens Magic pt 2

Want to make a magical tour of Duke Gardens more so? How to tour a large public garden with a toddler and enjoy it? Bring a story for sharing and create the magic for a wonderful day.

Here is the recipe for success:
To one toddler age 2( she will correct you and tell you she is ALMOST 3!)
add a story with characters and travel.
Our Story:
3 Billy Goats Gruff
Here is a link to an edition of the story you can buy.
Imagine a troll here!
add to story 
add one
A stick, common place, under the tree, given by nature variety
Now empower the stick to rid bridges of fear causing trolls! With the enabled  wand toting tot you are now off to rid the gardens a storytelling’s legendary goat chomping troll!
Watch the winding paths and many bridges, each an opportunity to exercise the new wand.

Which way to the next bridge?
Trip trap trip trap overthe bridge
Abracadabra!! Free to cross!

                                                            Presto Magic! No troll here!

                                                        Onward we have power now!!

                                                     no problems here, Grandma!

                                                More Bridges, YEEAAA!

                                            Brother Turtle happy with the troll ridding work!

                                    Sister Squirrel laughed when the trolls ran from the gardens!
Now you can just relax and enjoy their beauty, Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Durham North Carolina

                      Thanks for coming to visit again! What story will go on our next visit?
                                                                      Wait and See!

Here is the link to part 1 thanks!
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website for the gardens:

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