Mystic Seaport Sea Chantey Class

Mystic Seaport Sea Chantey Class

I tried ignoring the posting for this class.  I went back and looked again. There is definitely something to this music that made me sign up for class for 4 Saturdays in the spring! I have always felt the draw of the sea, that remaining salt water in the veins from  generations of family who loved and worked the sea.

First class was so much fun. We sang many  of the songs and now are choosing a song we will sing the lead on. My intent of learning some of these is to be an addition and understanding for a nautical epic I’m working on.

                                                     I am drawn to the images and scenes of the nautical world. The simple knots and coiled ropes, the ships at dock the ripples on still water and the gull overhead.

Against a gray sky two crew members climb aloft to tend a ship in port at Mystic. After class I wandered the village for a few minutes snapping pictures. It was a call of a gull that made me look up, as if to say you didnt see this and I took the quick moment to focus and capture the image. Somehow with the singing of the music and understanding the kind of ships work that the songs were created for makes it all seem much more alive.

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