Review: The Calling by Branwen OShea

The Calling By: Branwen OShea Review


Common sense told me picking up a 495-page book in the midst of a very hectic schedule was a crazy idea. The book is called ‘The Calling’ and it was indeed calling me from where it waited to be read. I answered the call and picked it up. Within just a couple pages I was sucked into the drama between two communities of humanity as they come to meet each other after generations separated.

As I read, I enjoyed the character development, especially the counter point between the youth and the leadership in the descended group. I immediately bonded with a character named Rana whose love of animals and her devotion to an orphan creature paralleled my own love of animals and immediately endeared me to her. Along with the great array of characters there were two very different Earth worlds built. The writing was highly visual giving me the sense I had seen the places.

It was in the last third of the book that the real messages of humanity really struck me. As a reader I was driven to read on and see if they resolved the conflicts. I only occasionally read in this genre and thoroughly enjoyed this adventure.

I highly recommend this wonderful tale. I want you to know right up front when you start you are going to read on through. I’m ready for book two!

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