Whale of a Good Time

Whale of a Good Time

You could have a Whale of  a Good Time…. in New Bedford, Ma.  Tonight is the  Story Cafe held at the ArtWorks For You Gallery. www.artworksforyou.org  Bundle up for the cold and come  listen or share a story.  There was Hot Chocolate promised by  Story Cafe hostess/director Karen Chace.  www.storybug.net The venue is a wonderful gallery with  different exhibits coming and going. Always some eye catching pieces to admire between tellers.  Diane Edgecomb is the feature teller for this Story Cafe.  www.livingmyth.com

In fact you could come for the whole day and enjoy the New Bedford Whaling Museum first.  Paying homage to all that sailed from New Bedford’s harbor in search of whales and the ships and lifestyle that the work created  in the sea side city.

New Bedford Whaling Museum – Whale History Education Research Humpback Whale Blue Whale

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